5 Ağustos 2008

Ferber'den alıntılar

Çevirmeye üşendiğimi belirtmek zorundayım.
1. The process of learning new sleep associations will not hurt your child. Allowing some crying while you help your child learn improve his sleep will never cause psychological damage.
2. You want to do what is best for him, and that should include helping him form good sleep patterns. If he wanted to play with a sharp knife, you would not give it to him no matter how hard he cried, and you would not feel guilty or worry about pyschological consequences. Poor sleep patterns are also harmful for your child and it is your job to correct them. Doing so is a sign of caring, not of selfishness.
3. Of course, if your child does not get enough love and attention overall, then he may well develop psychological problems. But if you consistently show your love and provide warmth and care, then a little extra crying for a week or so - no matter how upset or angry it sounds- will not hurt him in the least.

Bunlar benim seçtiğim bazı bölümlerdi. Daha sonra yine bazı bölümleri yazacak ve vaktim olursa bunları da Türkçeleştireceğim.

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